In 2019, analysts across all disciplines were warning that negative trends were brewing which could greatly affect business transformation in 2020. The outlook for business productivity, profitability, and sustainability, was bleak.

We thoroughly reviewed those trends and unanimously concluded that we should create an event platform that would bring SMEs together to learn, share, network, and help each other to address the challenges that 2020 might bring.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic upended those plans and businesses were greatly impacted. It made little sense to host The Future of Businesses conference in 2020. 

Yet businesses need to evolve. What are the new norms developing, and how do we overcome these seemingly insurmountable obstacles gradually, and in a well calibrated way? 
How can businesses thrive in a new era? 

We don’t want to stand still. The Future of Businesses will take place in Q4 2020 as a three-part webinar series, to be followed by a conference in 2021. Join us as we uncover ways to mitigate and engage with a new era of doing business.

Please use this website to learn more about the webinar series and register early as we have limited the number of participants. 




This webinar is the third webinar out of a series of webinars under the umbrella theme "The Future of Businesses: Thriving in the New Normal". The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the way we do business and shifted the future of business towards a new direction. Several companies faced disruptions to their supply chain due to heavy demand for certain products and a slowdown in production in China. What are some strategies companies have tried to overcome these challenges? How will companies plan for such “perfect storm” events as part of their business continuity plan?